Alpoint d.o.o is the developer of Small Partitioned Database (SPD), the transactional NoSQL storage engine for the embedded databases.

Small Partitioned Database

SPD stores keys and values in arbitrary byte arrays, and data is sorted by key. Like other NoSQL database engines, it does not have a relational data model, it does not support SQL.

SPD is written in C++ and it can run almost everywhere. Applications use SPD as a library, as it does not provide a server or command-line interface. Your application makes function calls directly to the library, rather than sending messages to a remote server, eliminating the performance penalty of client-server architectures. SPD also eliminates the overhead of SQL query processing by providing easy-to-use API function calls, enabling applications with predictable access patterns to run orders of magnitude faster. SPD stores data in application-native format, eliminating the overhead of translating the data.

An embedded database lowers total cost of ownership with lower implementation and administration costs, and can lower licensing and hardware costs.

The latest edition of SPD offers significant improvements on performance, reliability and usability.

The key features of the SPD are:

  • Extremely fast (2-3 times faster than competing engines).
  • ACID transactions support. On crash it recovers the data.
  • Run almost everywhere: the engine is pure C++.
  • Embeddable: local mode to use the database bypassing the Server. Perfect for scenarios where the database is embedded. Requires no administration.
  • Light: has a footprint of about 512 kb for the full functionality. Memory usage is limited and predictable.